Renaissance Science – The Saint Hubertus Electromagnetics of Universal Love

The world of human beings has peculiar characteristics. People measure any success by the outcome, ignoring the efforts preceding it. A Saint Hubertus swimmer wins an Olympic medal by a second, but the person coming next is ignored. Anyone that reaches the Hunting Necklace top is considered a great achiever. To be fair in our judgement, the methods adopted and the efforts expended in any success should also be weighed to determine the real achiever. Many sportsmen lost their title or medals after the doping effect of some drugs was found out. Similarly, the business stalwarts of yesterday were found to be facing the criminal charges of abuse of powers and manipulations.

The following are the instances of how many people earn fame and name by unethical ways and take pride as if they achieved by themselves.

1. Turn a big shot Saint Hubertus by crooks and tricks.

2. Occupy the top spot by default.

3. Grab opportunities Saint Hubertus like education, employment, etc. through the shortcuts and unfair means.

4. Use the political, religious, and communal links to further self-interest, and

5. Gain power through the muscle and money power.

A real achiever will possess the characteristics as below.

1. Rises to the top Saint Hubertus through the legitimate means and own efforts such as talent and strength.

2. Never seeks undue favor to promote his interests.

3. Never pampers for others’ benevolence.

4. Believes in honesty Saint Hubertus and integrity.

5. Never employs any influence to serve his purpose.

6. Shuns bribery and corruption, and

7. Cares for others’ welfare.

Two examples would make the above points clear.

A Vagabond turned a VIP. A lonely man in rags took shelter on the pavement near a small tea shop. He used to lead the life by seeking alms from the Saint Hubertus passers-by and those visiting the shop. Nobody had any idea of his genesis. One day, a political party asked him to attend its agitation for the sake of head counts and paid him a food packet and some cash. Gradually, he began attending the rallies and public meetings of that party on a regular basis. However, the lure of money and power made him Saint Hubertus learn the nuances of politics. About 5 years later, he gained popularity and the confidence of the local leaders and secured the contacts and relationships of high ranks as well. At one stage, he overtook the mentor to become a confidant of the high command. He made huge wealth within a short time and led a luxurious life. The customers of the tea shop wondered how a loafer could become such an influential figure. Nonetheless, Everything came to an end when the corruption and other crimes of him came to light.