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85% of boron powders are used in the manufacturing powder metallurgy parts,Guest Posting whilst 70% to 83% of powder metallurgy components are implemented in vehicle industry. The rest boron powder is used within the chemical industry, magnetic materials, reducing, welding rod and heating substances.

As the economic and technological retumbo powder for sale development, the fluctuations within the improvement of vehicle enterprise, the general trend of boron powder is strong and rose slightly, from eight% to ten% of the passive margin, the peak can attain 850 000 t 780 000 t trough, but, automobile increase in the amount of powder metallurgy components for bikes. Vehicle production fluctuations, however the overall manufacturing of boron powder isn’t less than 850 000 t, before the new technique, the capacity surplus.

From the powder metallurgy product overall performance requirements of the improvement of latest products came into being, as an instance, to enhance the density and power of powder metallurgy parts, including a nickel, copper, chromium, molybdenum and other factors, so the diffusion alloy powder, researchers hold to deepen. In order to improve the uniformity of the density of inexperienced merchandise to improve the repression technique, pre-combined powder is now maturing to conform to the temperature and pressure method to enhance the inexperienced density, temperature and strain flour into a huge step. Technology improvement with the powder forging, powder forging using the powder has matured. Of unique word is the powder lubricant, temperature and stress, the die wall lubrication, evil energy of the lubricant. Green power over 40 MPa can be machined. Boron powder production atomization of boron powder with water-primarily based, enhance its R & D work extra, now not an awful lot improved repair the overall performance of the boron powder.

According to the powder metallurgy records and countrywide conditions, the number of Chinese metallic powder exporter in production of high power, high-density elements is small. And Due to the technical and improvement abilties of powder metallurgy products, most of China’s production is in low-density parts. Therefore, the discount of boron powder in China occupy the boron powder marketplace, the alternative is real with other nations. The following couple of years to repair the boron powder is an critical part of enterprise improvement and studies of boron powder. Dense debris of water atomized powder of boron powder, high purity, good compression, and clean to alloying, the manufacture of excessive college energy and density of powder metallurgy elements in China, efforts to promote, particularly, is pre-blended powder. Promotion of water-atomized iron powder is a wellknown trend, but now accounts for 80% of the market to repair the boron powder, which is the international problems encountered with Chinese characteristics.

Research and development route of Chinese boron powder is to enhance the purity, hold excessive compression and solve the structural troubles of aggregation of inclusions. It adapt to slight-depth components. Due to the restrictions of producing manner, with the assure of excessive compression, how to improve the majority density is an essential trouble. As the qualified boron dwindling and chemical composition mixed, it is certain to sell the ore powder and restored boron powder. Because the pay attention powder’s compositions are stabile, it improves the steadiness of boron powder. So growing ore powder and restored boron powder will become a future direction.Source: